The Mystery of Easter – An All Ages Lesson


This Godly Play Lesson for Lent is great for All Ages. You can watch by clicking this link.

Here are some tips for parents who would like to help their children set up a home Godly Play session:
1. Watch the video at a time you can schedule 45 minutes to an hour.
2. Ask your child in advance to gather anything they will want for their “work” time. Paper, crayons, markers, clay or play dough. Anything they choose.
3. Help them prepare a tray for the feast. They will need small cups of water or juice, napkins, and a simple snack like crackers or pretzels. Once again let them choose. They absolutely love passing out the feast.
4. Let your children help you “get ready” for the lesson and form a circle.
5. Some stories have wondering questions. You might want to pause the video so everyone has time to answer.
6. I encourage parents to participate in work time as well. This response to the story is usually about 20 minutes. Older kids will take as much time as you give them.
7. During the feast we usually talk about our week. This can be a fun time to hear what your children are feeling and seeing in this new time of isolation.

Our Godly Play “regulars” know exactly how all of this works. I
think they will really enjoy sharing all this with you from home. Contact me with any questions.

God’s Peace,