Staying Connected #healthyathome

Have you been wondering what your St. John’s Family has been up to during this time of social distancing? Well now you can take a look!

Karen Clement

Karen has been crawling around yard after all our rain photographing fungi.
Karen got seashells out of bowls for display
Karen is embroidering crazy quilt squares left from grandmother.
Rick has been burning a huge tree stump. This little fox slept there three nights.

Barbara Wysock

On April 28, I “chased” rainbows on my drive home after picking up groceries in the “big” city. Seeing the rainbows moved me to a powerful feeling of HOPE! (The settings for the selfies are different than the pictures, thus the rainbows are more prevalent in the pictures that are not selfies.)

The D’Angelo’s

Painting and trimming before we lay our wood flooring in the hall.

Susanne D’Angelo

Susanne is making two styles of masks for anyone who wants one.  Just let me know the size and style you would like to have and I’ll make it for you.  Email me at

Ella Celebrates her 5th Birthday

Team Taylor Birthday Biking 😉

Cyzewski Family

We just moved so Ethan and Brennan helped me set up their bed in their new room. They also helped a little with putting down the maple floor.

Benny Mehta

Benny passed the time on his scooter!

Barbara & Austin Cobb

Along with teaching my classes online and academic advising work for the university I completed this half bath project !

Todd Terry

On my birthday, April 17, Alison arranged for a surprise video conferencing party for me with my mom and step-dad, and my 2 brothers and their families. It was such a great day!

Heavyn Taylor

As I am completing some classes with Zoom conferences, my cat Angel looms in the background lurking above my class.

Bonnie Snellen

Mask making

John Secor and Janice Morgan

Janice and I are great walkers. Recently we saw a series of inspirational messages in chalk; here is my favorite. Hope and sunshine will see us through to the other side, step by step. love, John

John and Sharon Hart

Happy Easter from John & Sharon’s Garden

The Mehta Family

The Mehtas have been taking advantage of the nice weather by taking a walk in the afternoons. We really miss our St. John’s family!  What are you up to?

Molly Rogers

Ahh the love of a family! Wondrous thing; wondrous week;  thankful for Jesus. Why didn’t I just do the wall covering from Schumacher..?? Because I’ve never painted, ever, even a picture.  Time to learn. But almond branches just go with it, so that is fun! Silly thing to do the last couple of days.

The Taylor Family

Our garden keeps us busy #healthyathome

Erin Horton

Emersyn has been enjoying the nice weather!

The Mills Family

We had a social distancing egg hunt on Saturday.  Bill hid the eggs in our neighbor’s yards so they could watch from their porches.

The D’Angelo’s

Saving our tree by building the round and giving it more dirt for nourishment.

Baking our bread instead of buying it.  It is so much better!

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